A binocular and a map: roadmap to achieving business goals

A binocular and a map: roadmap to achieving business goals

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Years and years, every day we hear about the economic situation in Puerto Rico. How there is no growth and that we are in bankruptcy. How is it we’ve come to this? Even with all the hostility, I would say this is the perfect way to demonstrate we can overgrow and shift ourselves to better outcomes. Puerto Rico is all of us, not just a few of us.

There are proven methodologies and tools that we as individuals or organizations can use to strengthen and monitor our economy. A “binocular and a map” represents a vision, a clear idea on which we envision ourselves achieving.

That vision should have a goal and a deadline for when you wish to achieve it. The map represents the strategic plan to be used, it is a balanced guide that shows us the best way to accomplish our goals. We can’t forget the importance of those who will make that vision happen, all with unique personalities, talents, competences and skills. Bottom-line, all people involved in the adventure should row towards the same direction.

Strategic maps contain at least “4 pinned locations” which are used to monitor progress. Each one of the pinned locations helps us monitor the execution of initiatives and allows us to determine whether we are having positive outcomes or not. Those pinned locations should be visited in the recommended order, because one location tours are interdependent.

  • Location 1: Human Capital

Human capital is one of the principal assets of a vision to be accomplished. Without the knowledge, expertise and skills they may provide, the planned excursion would go downhill. Continuous learning not only of academic matters but also ethics are a must to complete each journey. Knowledge should be used to create beautiful and positive things, and creating positive things will help a project succeed.

  • Location 2: Processes

It is meant for the way an individual, organization or society offers products and services, guarding people’s duties and responsibilities Processes should be transparent and engineered to produce the desired outcomes in an efficient and timely manner. Processes are a reflection of people’s education. Therefore, processes must be implemented using the knowledge we have, topped with ethics and honesty. Things have to be done “the right way”.

  • Location 3: Client

They key to the treasure here is Customer Service. How satisfied is the client that receives that product or service, and how do us feel and what attitudes we express with the established processes.  Attitudes are more of an abstract aspect, but it is very important. It reflects society, its processes and education. We need to always acknowledge the way our clients feel.  If ideas and initiatives are positive, we will receive a positive outcome; while negativity could only bring that, negativity; incomplete projects and unhappy clients. Social media grants us the advantage of getting to know the needs of our leads and clients. Only understanding their needs guarantees we can offer a “solution to their problems”.  If we are not solving our clients’ problems, then we are of no value to them.

  • Location 4: Finance

Finally on the map, finance. Finance is the science that studies how people manage their resources to produce products and services, and then how they distribute these, to satisfy the necessities of society. Finance by definition is the result of all the initiatives handled by a society. But why am I talking about this? We try to resolve a problem implementing a solution, and things are not for free… But, are we supposed see it as an investment for a guaranteed ROI? Or will this be a loss? Financially, we have various ways to calculate progress and monitor outcomes, permitting the adjustment of the map.  Overall, this will help when decisions are made.

Nonetheless, if we do want to find a solution to a problem, it is important to evaluate all the important aspects to the implementation. It is a process in which it is required that people transform into productive entities. Skills and knowledge are fundamental and a good analysis of outcomes and ROI is a must. In government, ROI is not measured only in financial terms but also social.  For example, a more educated workforce is a non-monetary ROI but a social one.

In conclusion, let’s understand our customer needs and focus our best human resources and technology in the creation of processes to solve them, in an ethical and amicable fashion, while measuring the financial outcomes.  Then, let’s analyze those results and adjust our binoculars and continue moving forward to our planned destination.


This article was written by Miguel López, Fusionworks’ Business Intelligence Practice Manager.


15,974 Responses

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